About RCP

Rani Chennama Party

Rani Chennama Party is registered under peoples representative act 1956 sec 29a registered and recognized as national party in 2008-2009,m b desai is the founder of our party, Rani Chennama Party was contested in 2013 Vidana Sabha Khsetra in few places in the part of north Karnataka and some part of south Karnataka, Rani Chennama Party is placed on ethics and true value of Karnataka culture religion custom .

Rani Chennamma Party is working for the welfare of the language land water true original ethics of Karnataka keeping the value for the people, and by the people.

Rani Chennamma Party would work in various fields like agriculture, farmers, education, employment, basic needs, health, food and shelter, to each and every citizen of this country as well as in the state.

As of now in Rani Chennamma Party recognized only in Karnataka even though it is a national party it is only established in Karnataka in 2013 and in the upcoming election 2018 Vidana Sabha election.

We are fighting against present ruling government in the state as well as in the country because of their non committed development in any field of development, so we are sincerely trying to reach the people with our ethics and objectives.